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Focusing on the most relevant gene variants in inherited breast and ovarian cancer

Modern sequencing technology (which has begun to become adopted in clinical labs) can provide invaluable genetic information of individuals, such as those with a family history of early onset breast cancer. However, this information also results in

The declining cost of genetic sequencing is opening the door for precision medicine

We live in an era where customization is convenient and frequently offered. People are used to ordering their perfect cup of coffee, swapping out ingredients and adjusting ratios to get it just right. Economies of scale help

Two male forms vs one female form in a new black fly discovered from Malaysia

A new species of black fly (tiny, two-winged biting fly with its body 2–3 mm long) discovered from Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia, was given a new name, Simulium mirum. Simulium is a genus name and mirum is

Identify the bacteria within and on your-self

The human intestine (gut) and other body sites harbor numerous microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, archaea, including fungi), collectively referred to as the microbiome or microbiota. The genome of these microbes encodes for metabolic functions and contribute significantly to the