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Nano-impacts: A new perspective on enzymes

Enzymes are an integral part of all living organisms and play a central role in a wide range of biological processes. The latter, among many, include most biological metabolism as for instance the digestion of food in

Using electrochemistry to address current needs in micro imaging

When one thinks of microscopy, usually imagined is something like a compound optical light microscope, which dates back before the 1600’s. For hundreds of years following, the optical microscope has served the scientific community by helping visualize

Combining paper-based electrochemistry and mass spectrometry

Electrochemistry / mass spectrometry ( EC / MS ) has many applications in science and industry such as drug discovery, elucidation of redox mechanisms, identification of drug metabolites, and online chemical derivatization for improving analytical figures of

Electrochemical oxidation of americium and its role in nuclear waste processing

Nuclear energy is a promising source of renewable energy, however, to facilitate its adoption and avoid nuclear proliferation, solutions to the handling, reprocessing, and disposal of nuclear waste must be addressed. In the United States, commercial reactors

Holding on to the electrons in artificial photosynthesis

For our future sustainable society mankind will have to make efficient use of solar energy. The conversion of sunlight to electricity is already a powerful technology, but for storage and transport we need liquid fuels, which have