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Soft-particle gel electrophoresis

AoS. Soft-particle gel electrophoresis.

Particle electrophoresis in free solution or in gel media is a powerful technique for characterizing the surface properties of colloidal particles. Particle gel electrophoresis, that is, transport processes of colloidal particles in polymer gel media under an

Hemoglobin diseases and their identification

Red blood cells use hemoglobin to carry oxygen from the lungs to the body and to carry carbon dioxide from the body back to the lungs in order to keep all cells alive. Hemoglobin is a big

Application of pH-sensitive magnetic microgel in environmental samples

Phenoxy acid herbicides are phytotoxic compounds employed to kill annual and perennial broad leaved weeds in gardens and crops. Phenoxy acid herbicides such as 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4 – D), 4 – (2,4 – dichlorophenoxy) butanoic acid (2,4-DB),

Molecular giants detected in agarose gels

Lipopolysaccharides (LPS), which are the major biological macromolecules of the surface from Gram-negative bacteria (fig. A), are of huge interest in medicine. Large amounts of LPS in the bloodstream cause diverse pathophysiological effects, causing thousands of deaths