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Climate change and the unfeasibility of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Climate change and the unfeasibility

With recent upward trends in global temperatures and sea levels, many countries are experiencing higher rates of evapotranspiration, groundwater depletion, water salinity, and loss of habitats.  Moreover, increases in living standards entail higher consumption of animal products

Sperm DNA damage and its role in fertility

One way or another, it takes two people to make a baby.  Under normal circumstances, a sperm and an egg fuse to make an embryo however there are numerous occasions under which this process needs a little

Fertility of Drosophila offspring depends on the correct choice of bridegroom

The cause of offspring sterility of some pairs of Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies is the genetic incompatibility of the parents. The infertility of progeny (mainly of intraspecies hybrid daughters) in such cases occurs only in one cross-direction.