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What is the quality of our river ecosystems? The new emerging stressors

An ecosystem is a dynamic complex of plant, animal and micro-organism communities and their non-living environment interacting as a functional unit (e.g. coral reefs, wetlands, rainforests, boreal forests, cultivated farmlands). The Ecosystem services are the benefits that

What is really driving our need for food, besides the pleasure of taste?

We all know that this need is related, in some way, with life sustainability, but just how, exactly? The task of converting food into energy –and back again into organic compounds– is carried out by our metabolism,

A potential harmless food bio-preservative — pediocin PA-1

Food safety issues are always around us for food-borne pathogen and spoilage bacteria exist in many kinds of food. Chemical preservatives are added to prevent food spoilage, however, most of them are cancerogen and unsafe for us.

Why food preparation is important

Plant foods such as fruits and vegetables are full of beneficial plant chemicals – phytochemicals – that can be lost during cooking. Water soluble phytochemicals, such as cancer-preventing glucosinolates from members of the cabbage family and phenolics