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Measurement of uncertainty of the calibration for the Intoxilyzer® 8000 breath alcohol analyzer

Breath alcohol analysis is most prevalent in determining a subject’s blood alcohol level for forensic use. This analysis is often used by law enforcement to determine if a driver is unfit to operate their vehicle on a

An innovative forensic “clock” for determining the time of a crime

Determining the time since deposition, or age, of bloodstains found at crime scenes is a highly important and integral part of forensic investigations. Knowing this crucial information can help forensic investigators determine the order of events and

Your DNA goes places you have never been: What does this mean for forensic scientists interpreting DNA found at a crime scene?

During a criminal investigation, items are commonly examined for DNA to try to identify a potential suspect (Fig. 1).  But is this DNA really from someone involved in the crime or has it got there through innocent

From crime scene to crime lab: potential interactions between blood detection methods

Crime scene investigators and forensic scientists at the crime laboratories both utilize rapid, presumptive tests to determine the likelihood of the presence of blood.   At the crime scene, investigators commonly utilize Bluestar® or Luminol to produce a