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Are there genetically modified animals in the supermarket?

Animal breeders have used selective breeding, a form of directed evolution, since animals were first domesticated. Using this approach, individual animals are chosen to be parents of the next generation because they exhibit a desirable trait or

A covert authentication and security solution for GMOs

Significantly increasing worldwide utilization of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) presents challenges to ensure security, authenticity and validation of material goods and legal agreements. Similarly to the evolution witnessed in Internet protocols, strategic focus is required to anticipate,

GM herbicide-tolerant crops, weedkillers, and resistant weeds: overview and interplay

Since their beginnings, GM crops have been a subject of debate in spite of their quick adoption by farmers in several countries. In the last 20 years GM herbicide-tolerant (HT) crops, generally glyphosate-tolerant crops, have been the

Public attitudes to GM food

Public concern can often be a stumbling block to successful innovation, particularly when the underlying science breaks new ground. This does not just affect peoples’ readiness to consume new products, but may also affect the regulatory environment.