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Rigid calibrated tangled clots of laser light

Rigid calibrated tangled clots of laser light. AoS

Spreading of light structures during their propagation significantly limits the possible applications of lasers. This seemingly unavoidable property of waves can be “corrected” either in inhomogeneous media, such as optical fibers, or in nonlinear media in which

Optically transparent shape memory polyimide- a candidate for flexible optoelectronics

Optically transparent polyimides (PI) have attracted more and more attentions due to their extensive applications in flexible optoelectronics, e. g. plastic substrate of image displays, flexible printing circuit board, optical waveguides of communication interconnects, and liquid crystal

Compact, all-optical, Terahertz wave generator

Terahertz (THz) wave is a kind of invisible light that has the frequency of about 1012 Hz. THz wave can path through different materials with small absorption or reflection, therefore this kind of wave can be used