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Is that Penicillin or Pénicilline?

The motivation for writing this article arose from repeatedly encountering comments to the effect that it was ‘widely known’ that penicillin had been discovered by Ernest Duchesne some thirty years prior to the appearance of that celebrated

A new enhanced antibiotic treatment for early and late syphilis

Despite an effective treatment for syphilis is available since the penicillin introduction in the mid-20th century, this disease is still a global health concern with over 12 million new cases occurring each year worldwide. Recently, we have

Bad news for people with a penicillin allergy

There are over 500,000 hospitalizations annually in the U.S. in which patients will have a reported allergy against first line antibiotics. Beta-lactams are the largest group of antibiotics which include penicillins, cephalosporins, and carbapenems. These antibiotics are