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Reuse of third generation industrial waste

As global consumption of finite raw materials continues to rise, so too does the amount of waste produced. In Europe for example, each citizen consumes an average of 15 tonnes of raw materials and produces on average

A new organophosphorus scaffolds for functional materials

For the advancement of the field of organic electronics, the development of new p-conjugated organic materials is indispensable. One of the effective strategies for creating unique organic functional materials is the incorporation of heteroatoms into the backbone

Development of cheap, eco-friendly and sustainable amendments to improve plant growth

Phosphorus (P) is an essential nutrient for the growth and development of plants. Its limited availability due to the low solubility, often limits crop production. Therefore, soluble phosphate fertilizers are commonly applied to achieve maximum crop productivity.

Understanding phosphorus-centered radicals for a sustainably phosphor chemistry

Organo-phosphorus compounds are widely used in different fields of application from the production of pharmaceuticals to other valuable chemicals. A major problem of the use of organo-phosphorus compounds is the production of these compounds starting from the

“Rein in the runoff”

Increasing amounts of natural land in the United States are being converted to impervious (hardened) surfaces, such as roads, rooftops, sidewalks, and parking lots. Water that once largely percolated through the soil to recharge groundwater supplies is