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The silent go-between – the role of the microbiota as intermediator in horizontal gene transfer

Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) (also known as lateral gene transfer) is a powerful genetic process, in which DNA is transmitted from a donor organism to a recipient organism that is not its offspring. Thus, acquisition of DNA

Plasmid-mediated carbapenem and colistin resistance in E. coli – toward a dead end

The increasing trend in antibiotic resistance continues to threaten global health. Presently, multidrug resistance (MDR) in gram-negative rods is frequently observed not only with the occurrence of extended-spectrum ß – lactamase but also with producers of enzymes

Improved antibody selection with assisting plasmid

When the human body is invaded by foreign molecules, the immune system will be activated to fight against these intruders. This is done with the help of antibodies which act as the defence force of our body.