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The difference of an amide to ester in polymers does the magic

The difference of an amide to ester in polymers does the magic. AoS

Antibiotics kill bacteria by a specific targeting mechanism, and thereby, bacteria quickly develop resistance to antibiotics. The bacterial cell membrane is pivotal to its survival and is considered its Achille’s heel. Killing bacteria by attacking their cell

Janus subcompartmentalized microreactors

When we are sick and have to take medicine, the first thing we do, is reading the package leaflet. We want to know the potential side effects of the drug. Sometimes the side effect of one drug

Antibacterial Titanium dioxide embedded in polymers

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) antibacterial surfaces are growing continuously in the health care areas. This is an important application since infectious biofilms are the main source of human infections in hospitals, schools and public places. When bacteria contacts

Net Spin Transfer in Polymer Depolymerization

Depolymerization plays an particularly important role in the synthesis of novel macromolecule materials form recycled monomers, but it could also be influenced by multiple factors, especially the experiment conditions which makes analysis difficult to the polymer depolymerization.