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Early – life seizures: alarm bell for often severe clinical outcome

EEG during sleep showing Burst-suppression pattern in 3 months infant with Ohtahara syndrome.

Early life seizures (ELS) are a not uncommon clinical manifestations in infancy affecting from 1.8 to 3.5/1000 live birth. In infancy with rare exception of seizures typically benign  which include the Benign Familiar Neonatal Epilepsy (BFNE), Febrile

Verapamil and a loop diuretic modestly reduce the intracellular pH of cortical neurons: a contribution to their anti-seizure potency?

A tight regulation of the intracellular pH ( pHi ) is needed to preserve essential cell functions, e. g. involved in cell communication and viability ( Fig. 1A ). In mammalian cortical neurons, pHi – regulation is