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Antibacterial substrate for wound dressing from waste products

It is now or never that we make use of our generated waste to produce valuable products. In this way, we can have closed loop recycling systems that can boost our economy. Chitin is a waste product

Magnetically-responsive nanophotonics with iron-doped silver nanoparticles

Nanostructures play an important role in photonics, thanks to the wide range of active and passive optical effects they can generate. For instance, silver (Ag) nanoparticles (NPs) are renowned for their plasmonic properties exploitable for quenching or

The grass is green and the nanosilver now too

Advances in nanoscience have been accompanied by improvements in capabilities to deliver compositional and morphological control of matter. Syntheses of Nanocrystals (NCs), where material science elements are addressed with organic chemistry precision techniques, are specially challenging and

Magnetic Lorentz force modulates circular oscillations of free electrons in thiolate-protected silver nanoparticles

Silver and gold nanoparticles are especially attractive because their free electrons can be excited to oscillate collectively with visible light irradiation, which is known as “surface plasmon resonance (SPR)” oscillation, and it strongly contributes to their apparent

Atomic classification of cancer cells

Cancer cells have molecules, known as receptors, on their surface that distinguish them from healthy cells. Knowing receptors that are present on malignant cells can help to detect and/or classify the disease.  Here, we developed a method