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Secret of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) hidden in small molecules

Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are a great challenge for today’s medicine. It also results from not fully explained pathomechanisms underlying their development and progression. The group of CVDs is a very complex mixture of

A replacement for chemotherapy?

Metastasis is a process where cancer cells of primary tumors gain properties enabling them to escape from the primary tumor and move to a secondary location in the body where they develop additional tumors. This event in

Bacterial cross-talk with small molecules

Bacteria, the unicellular prokaryotic microorganisms are the first form of life to appear on earth that may be traced way back about 4 billion years ago. Bacteria exist in typically two life forms i.e planktonic or free-swimming

Design principle of CRY-acting compounds for regulation of the circadian clock

Almost every aspect of our life varies over time: we wake up in the morning, sleep at night, and become hungry at about the same time every day. This is called the circadian rhythm; an approximately 24-hour

A smart 3-in-1 molecular device can do: detection, recognition and elimination of toxic cyanide

Cyanide is a useful but danger chemical. It is commonly use in industrial activities, such as mining, metallurgy, and photographic processing, however, one percent of tea spoon amount could cause a fatality to a normal human being.

Small molecule antagonists maintain stem cell potency

The decision for a stem cell to make an exact copy of itself and maintain the same level of potency versus initiate a differentiation program is critical both during development and normal tissue maintenance. CBP and p300