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Complexity of malaria dynamics under climate change

The transmission of malaria is highly variable and depends on a range of climatic and anthropogenic factors. For more than two decades, there has been a growing concern and hot debate over the impact of global warming

Phenotype as agent, not product of reproductive success

The phenotype of an organism is the aggregate of its physical traits. It is the net result of the merging of parental gene pools, and in Darwinian evolutionary terms its ‘fitness’ is considered a measure of evolutionary

Combining discrete and continuous for a clever multiscale modelling

There is rarely a process in physical, biological or chemical sciences that spans a single time or length scale. Computational methods must be chosen accordingly when modeling such processes. For instance, ab initio quantum-mechanical calculations or molecular

More from less

Ice melts and that is easy to see. But supposed you cut the ice cube in half and in quarters, and so on until there was only one water molecule left? What does it mean to melt