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The dental nerve circulates in a canal within the mandible

The dental nerve circulates in a canal within the mandible. AoS

The inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) is a sensitive branch of the trigeminal nerve, the 5th pair of cranial nerves. It has an intraosseous path in the mandible, inside the mandibular canal, where it is accompanied by lymphatic,

Dietary phosphorus overload can accelerate cavity formation in tooth

Dental caries or dental caries is an extremely common yet preventable oral disease. Clinically, dental decay can be partly reversed, if it is diagnosed and treated in its early stages. Dental decay induces damage to the teeth

Dental fillings with anti-inflammatory effect

Toothaches are promoted by deep caries lesions and crown fractures. It occurs due to an inflammatory process in pulp tissue, which is the vascularized and innervated tissue in the most internal portion of tooth. Early and conservative

Frozen extracted teeth as a source for dentoalveolar, periodontal or maxillofacial endogenous bone grafting of defects

Tooth extractions have been done for centuries to treat dental and other oral pathologies. Traditionally dentists regard most extracted teeth as unusable and generally extractions are wasted. Freshly extracted teeth have been used successfully used for selected

Microfluidic “plaque-on-a-chip” with pH new imaging concept probes individual factors in tooth decay

Your teeth are covered in biofilm called plaque. This biomaterial consists of bacteria in a protective matrix of proteins, polysaccharides and other long organic molecules. When you eat or drink, bacterial respiration and other metabolic processes convert

What is that: a tooth with a supernumerary cusp?

Commonly, the maxillary molar has four cusps. Look at yours with each other, and you can get it. Supporting that there are more than four cusps in maxillary molar, how to diagnose it? Why did it happen?

How can dentist make your teeth shiny?

Because of esthetic demand, light cured dental composites are getting popular in dental practice. The cost of dental composite resin is cheaper than all-ceramic material and is able to fill the tooth cavity immediately and maintain minimally

Is there a place for Tooth Mousse in the prevention and treatment of early tooth decay?

Despite significant improvements in oral health over the past forty years, tooth decay remains one of the most common health problems worldwide. The level of tooth decay found in low income and socially-disadvantaged areas remains a public

Distinguish males and females using the mandibular canine tooth

Rao and collaborators developed a methodology based on the mandibular canine to estimate the sex of an individual. Using this methodology, called mandibular canine index (MCI), the authors proposed a cut-value above which the subjects should be

A novel micro-injector for micro injection in dental application

Micro-injection technology is widely used in clinical surgery. Herein, periodontal disease is to be a starting point, we will develop a novel micro-injector carrying bone graft substitutes for repairing bone defect to minimizing the patient’s discomfort. Periodontal