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Observing the SAfETy of our schools

Last year, the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure gave schools a D. The reasons for this near failing grade centered on the lack of investment in either maintaining older buildings or building new schools to accommodate increasing

Natural history of multiple system atrophy in USA

Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is a rare, fatal brain disorder exhibiting a combination of parkinsonism and/or cerebellar gait unsteadiness and autonomic failure. Autonomic failure, manifest as orthostatic hypotension, severe constipation and urinary incontinence or retention, as well

Depression and dementia among American Indian and Alaska native elders

In the United States when talking about health care we tend to refer to national or state programs as uniform programs that are accessed by all U.S. citizens. . But there are groups that have a separate,

The first medical school in America

The founders of first American medical school in Philadelphia, John Morgan and William Shippen, Jr, had received a fine medical education at the University of Edinburgh. As students, they discussed the need for such training in the