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Phospholipase A2 group IVc blocks mammary tumor apoptosis

The Hirosaki hairless rat (HHR) is a mutant rat strain with autosomal recessive inheritance spontaneously derived from the Sprague-Dawley rat (SDR). The hairless phenotype of HHRs is due to the deletion of basic hair keratin genes, and

Ergothioneine prevent UVA – induced skin damage through its potent antioxidant property

It is well – known that continuous exposure to ultraviolet ( UV ) radiation from sunlight can cause mild to severe skin damage, characterized by wrinkles, inflammation, photoaging, pigmentation, photo – carcinogenesis, photo – dermatoses etc. Most

Psychological stress can influence key immune activities and an important protein in the response to infection

The central role played by our immune system is to protect us against infections.  In doing so, the immune response creates a localized toxic inflammatory environment that makes it difficult for the infectious agent to survive.  In