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Similar but ectopic factor in chloroplast biogenesis between dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous plants

Seed is one of the successful form of reproduction in evolutionary history of land plants. Compared to primitive plants (ferns, mosses and liverworts) which do not have seeds and require water to propagate themselves, seed plants now

Landscapes of jasmonates during flower development and leaf stresses

Hormones are small compounds which regulate many aspects of life, from organ development to environmental adaptations. Jasmonates are plant hormones controlling various biological processes including flower development and defense against insects and fungi. In order to conserve

Assessing plant responses to gravity may be the key to unlocking Martian agriculture

For humans to become a multi-planetary species, we must first overcome many technological and biological hurdles. The closest two potential sites for extraterrestrial colonization (apart from low Earth orbit) are the Moon and Mars. The Moon exhibits