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Generation of a microbial factory for direct biofuel production from plant cellulose waste

Biofuels have attracted increasing interest due to economic, geopolitical and environmental concerns caused by fossil fuels. It has been proposed as a renewable, sustainable and environmental-friendly fuel to replace fossil fuel or be used as fuel additive.

New method to isolate biofuel-producing bacteria

There has been much debate about converting foods like corn grain into fuel for our cars.  Even if all the corn grain in the US were converted to ethanol, it still wouldn’t make enough fuel to replace

Innovative solid biofuel production from grape marc through hydrothermal carbonization

Geological ages and appropriate conditions are necessary to transform biomass into coal: with the hydrothermal carbonization, the same result is obtained in a few hours! Hydrothermal carbonization ( HTC ) is a thermochemical process through which it

Increased microbial butanol tolerance

One exciting frontier in biofuel research is boosting production yields. Biofuels are produced using biological processes, usually from agricultural raw materials such as sugar, starch or oil. Currently the biofuel industry is dominated by ethanol production, but