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Bioinformatics solutions for big data analysis in life sciences presented by the German network for bioinformatics infrastructure

Over the last decade, the amount of data generated by life science research has grown at a rapid rate and an increased complexity rendering the tasks of data analysis, management, and storage a unique challenge. To meet

An in-silico meta-analysis of cell-type-specific non-CpG methylation

Nowadays, the amount of raw data required for a genome-wide analysis is quite large and it is often difficult for even its original author(s) to spend enough time for its thorough analysis. Further, it would be practically

Bioinformatics at the cutting EDGE: Empowering the Development of Genomics Expertise

An in-depth understanding of how microorganisms function is required to address many challenging issues facing society today such as understanding how to eradicate infectious diseases and mitigate climate change. Answers are held in their genetic code. Advancements

Interrogating the genome: approaches and tools for accessing genomic databases

Reference genome DNA sequences for thousands of species have now been determined, and deposited in freely – accessible public databases. The availability of these genomic data has revolutionized biology, enabling insights into the evolution of life on

A novel deep learning-based method for predicting RNA-protein interactions

RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) take over 5–10% of the eukaryotic proteome and regulate the gene localization and  translation. On the other hand, the mutations in RBPs have been discovered to be associated with disease risk, such as FUS

Studying how hepatitis C virus resists certain drugs using computers and the internet

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) was not known to mankind until 1989. The discovery of this virus was possible due to the development of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology. Globally, around 180 million people are infected with this

More reasons to appreciate the Golden Spice “saffron”

Cancer remains a leading cause of morbidity and death worldwide. What is even worse is that the number of new cancer cases is projected to massive increase which would probably make it the first cause of death

Genomic characteristics of miscarriage copy number variants

Miscarriage is a stressful event for couples and finding the cause is critical for closure and also future reproductive planning. Gains and losses of genetic material in the miscarriage are one of the possible causes of miscarriage

Can we create easy-to-use software to capture the complex behaviors of proteins?

Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteins enabled by mass spectrometry technology. Much like a fingerprint can place someone at a scene despite the lack of an eye witness, a mass spectrometer records protein fingerprints that are