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The vision thief

Glaucoma is often called the sneak thief of vision because it can develop without obvious symptoms. Although some risk factors, such as high intraocular pressure, are apparent, how these factors contribute to the disease is by no

Treating nonsense may be a cure for the blinding disease Choroideremia

Choroideremia (CHM) is a blinding genetic eye disease, where male children as early as 5 years old develop night-blindness, followed by loss of their peripheral field of vision in adolescence, culminating in complete blindness in late adulthood.

Glaucoma: are people still going blind?

We have seen large advances in preventing, slowing down and reversing vision loss for patients with many eye diseases. Despite these advances, many people with eye disease end up losing their vision.  What is the difference between

Can mathematics help defeating acquired blindness?

Sight threatening pathologies of the eye retina, the light sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye, are an increasing health concern in the ageing population. A number of risk factors, including high intraocular pressure, high blood