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Tech Innovations That Are Changing the Business World

AoS. Tech Innovations That Are Changing the Business World.

Far-fetched predictions about business technology are often either utopian or dystopian, depending on who you ask. After all, robots will take all our jobs could either mean humans get to spend all their time doing whatever they

What is Infrastructure-as-a-Service? Everything You Need to Know

Infrastructure as a Service. AoS

Infrastructure-as-a-service is a form of cloud computing that is distributed to end-users across the web. It may be useful for businesses and software developers who need a deployed IT infrastructure for their enterprise environments. Among all types

Social Entrepreneurship – applying the scientific method to solving social problems

“The business of doing good” reviews the new textbook “Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship,” a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to use a data-driven approach to making a difference. Based on a course at Harvard, this book

Suicide prevention or business scam?

Suicide is a significant public health issue and is a leading cause of death globally. For each person who dies by suicide, numerous family members, friends and members of the wider community are affected. Effective interventions that