Tech Innovations That Are Changing the Business World

Far-fetched predictions about business technology are often either utopian or dystopian, depending on who you ask. After all, robots will take all our jobs could either mean humans get to spend all their time doing whatever they want or that they become obsolete. As it turns out, the ability to automate many tasks formerly done by humans has changed the workplace, but neither of the more extreme predictions has come to pass. Just the same as how biotech has impacted healthcare, other elements of technology continue to make exciting inroads into the business world, however, changing how we work and even the very nature of the workplace.

Remote Working

Few innovations have been as revolutionary as the rise of remote work in the past few years. While the potential has been there for some time, most companies remained hesitant to embrace it, unsure about the implications for privacy, productivity and a whole host of other issues. When offices worldwide were forced to close their doors thanks to a pandemic, many companies discovered that they could save money not just by downsizing office space but by turning what would have formerly been business trips into meetings conducted via videoconferencing. Remote work isn’t possible for every industry or desirable for many employees and employers, but it seems likely that working from home on a large scale is here to stay.

Fleet Management

At the other end of the spectrum is an industry in which remote work would be impossible for at least some of the workforce—driving vehicles, whether for delivery, transportation, or other purposes. However, technology similar to that which makes working offsite possible can also improve fleet performance. You can use GPS fleet tracking software and solutions to track your fleet using real-time GPS data. This offers a number of advantages. You can easily support route navigation as well as track the performance of your drivers and your vehicles, looking at ways that their performance can be improved.

5G Wireless

It’s early days still when it comes to 5G wireless coverage and capability, but the increased speeds that it will be able to provide is set to transform many different industries. Many of the limits imposed on the Internet of Things are the result of simply not having connections that are both reliable and fast. With the rise of 5G, it will be possible for surgeons to perform operations remotely. It is also anticipated that more companies will opt for cloud-based solutions since there will be a huge reduction in latency. Banking is another industry that is likely to see some of the earliest changes thanks to 5G.

Social Media and Influencer Advertising

The power of social media and digital marketing as a whole continues to grow in leaps and bounds as customers increasingly shop from their mobile devices while on the go. Digital marketing offers many cost-effective opportunities for businesses to advertise, and when friends, family members or influencers on a platform recommend a product or service, people are often much more likely to try it. Customers increasingly expect engagement on a personal level, and social media and influencers give businesses the opportunity to offer this.


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