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The fertilization process: a new way to look at an old phenomenon

The union of the egg with the sperm at fertilization has fascinated many philosophers and scientists. Most of our knowledge on fertilization derives from studies on marine organisms that release eggs and spermatozoa into the sea water.

Heme: an old player with a novel mechanism in cardiac muscle contractility

Heme is a complex containing iron and protoporphyrin IX and it is commonly bound to proteins involved in oxygen transport, detoxification and energy production. However, this molecule has been known to have toxic effects in the heart.

Regucalcin may prevent the development of prostate age-related pathologies such as prostate cancer

Regucalcin (RGN) is a protein with a multifunctional role, which regulates the basic biological processes determining cell fate. RGN actions have been implicated in the control of intracellular calcium levels, oxidative stress, cell metabolism, cell death and

Granules of a bone substitute biomaterial have a 3D arrangement mimicking bone microarchitecture

Bone is a naturally rigid and porous tissue of the body. The pores allow the circulation of blood vessels and the creeping of bone-forming cells at the surface of the tissue. Bone loss can occur systemically, for