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6th International Conference on Cardiology and Vascular Biology. London, UK. November 11-12, 2019

Atlas of Science. 6th International Conference on Cardiology and Vascular Biology

Conference Name: 6th International Conference on Cardiology and Vascular Biology Conference date: November 11-12, 2019 Conference Venue: London, United Kingdom Theme: Unraveling the plights in the field of cardio & vascular medicine Description: Vascular Biology 2019 offers

The journey of an Indian pediatric cardiologist

The journey of an Indian pediatric cardiologist, who gave substantial attention to advance new knowledge and teach/train physicians around the world while providing care to patients with heart disease over a 45-year period, is examined. This review

Antithrombotic therapy duration after coronary stenting: finding the sweet-spot with a novel clinical risk score

Coronary atherosclerosis is still the principal cause of morbidity and mortality in western countries, by inducing ischemia or infarction of the myocardium. Percutaneous treatment of atherosclerotic lesions is nowadays the most common form of treatment of such

Infections in right-sided heart valves often leave doctors with no right answer

A normal human heart has four chambers and four valves. When these valves are working well, they stop blood from flowing backwards and are essential to good heart function. Two valves are in the right side of

Heart disease in cancer patients (onco-cardiology / cardio-oncology)

In the United States, heart disease and cancer have been the 2 leading causes of death from 1935 through 2013. In 2010, both diseases accounted for almost half of all deaths in the U.S. Notwithstanding, much success

Doctors’ interpretation of the electrocardiogram is shockingly bad – time for an electrified solution!

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the oldest medical devices still in modern use. It is critically important in the recognition of potentially life-threatening heart disease such as heart attack and abnormal heart rhythms. These conditions can

Time for a new understanding of chest pain

Most people who present to hospitals with pain in the chest have nothing wrong with their hearts. A small proportion have another physical problem such as acid reflux from the stomach but most have health anxiety or