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Multicomponent reactions and palladium catalysis

AoS. Multicomponent Reactions and Palladium Catalysis

Multicomponent reactions (MCR) are reactions in which three or more substrates react together to form a product. These types of reactions are highly recommendable because MCR’s are atom economic, ideal and eco-friendly reactions. Transition metals are widely

Stanford scientists use nanotechnology to boost the performance of a key industrial catalyst

Nanoscale stretching or compressing significantly boosts the performance of ceria, a material widely used in catalytic converters and clean-energy technologies. A tiny amount of squeezing or stretching can produce a big boost in catalytic performance, according to

Fuel from sunlight and the new energy economy

Hydrogen is a clean-burning fuel that is gaining increasing attention as the renewable energy economy continues to evolve. Hydrogen fuel stations appearing in California and the release of a commercial fuel-cell vehicle in mid-2015 by Toyota are

Catalytic carbon-carbon bond formation

A chemical reaction is the transformation of one or more reagents into one or more products that takes place at a characteristic rate depending on the energy needed to activate the process. A catalyst is a substance

Crab shells to value-added chemicals by combining chemical and physical forces

Shells of crabs and shrimps are a great resource for producing a variety of valuable chemicals. The exoskeleton of these animals is made up of a polymer chitin, which is the most abundant marine biomass on our