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Hiding under sea bed: a new species of sand crab Jonas kalpakkamensis is discovered

The common edible crabs which we often encounter in land, sea and freshwater bodies mostly belong to a group classified as brachyuran crabs. They constitute a third of the commercial value of Indian seafood. There are about

Stress must not be confused with pain

Our article “Stress is not pain” was a critique on a study by Elwood & Adams who exposed crabs to electric shocks and concluded that their study ‘. . .fulfils the criteria expected of a pain experience’. 

The real life of crab louse

Pubic louse, also known as “crab” louse due to its form, is smaller than the head louse. It can lead to an infestation of the pubis (generally sexually transmitted), and sometimes of the eyelashes, or the body

Crab shells to value-added chemicals by combining chemical and physical forces

Shells of crabs and shrimps are a great resource for producing a variety of valuable chemicals. The exoskeleton of these animals is made up of a polymer chitin, which is the most abundant marine biomass on our