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Assessing extreme weather events, vulnerability, and the impacts on human wellbeing in Latin America

Human Development Index (HDI) vs Fatalities. AoS

The increased occurrence of extreme climatological, hydrological, and meteorological events (EWEs) and Climate-sensitive Disasters (CSDs) (e.g. floods and storms) in Latin American countries (LACs), and their primary impacts on human wellbeing should be considered carefully. This requires

Transpersonal experiences during catastrophic events

During World War I, Will Bird’s brother, Steve, had been killed.  After his death, Steve visited Will, also a soldier, on numerous occasions looking out for him, warning him of dangers.  In today’s research environment, this type

Major disaster has minimal effects on mental health measured by dispensing of psychiatric medication

There are well established links between traumas and psychiatric disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, other Anxiety Disorders, and Depression.  Traumas include events that affect individuals such car accidents, rapes, and violence as well as disasters