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DFT for designing efficient supercapacitor electrode materials

AoS. DFT for designing efficient supercapacitor electrode materials.

Josef MacDouall once said “Chemistry is a game that electrons play”. If one were able to know the roles, they could control the game and uncover the mysteries of materials, which are the backbone of our modern

A highly flexible and stretchable energy storage device

With rapid development of portable and wearable electronics, highly flexible and stretchable energy conversion and/or storage devices are required to be used as power sources. As one of the most important energy storage devices, supercapacitors (also called

Eco-friendly and cost-efficient large-scale energy storage using seawater

Due to the steadily increasing worldwide demand for energy and the limited resources of fossil fuels such as crude oil, coal, and natural gas, renewable and green energy sources are gathering increasing attention by scientific researchers and

A new phase change material for thermal energy storage

The technologies currently used to generate energy through renewable sources such as solar, wind and biomass are still characterized by high costs and insufficient continuity of generation. Such sources will therefore continue to have a secondary role