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TMEM165; The Bermuda triangle of glycosylation and Golgi Mn homeostasis

During evolution, eukaryotic cells have acquired a complex network of endomembranes delimiting distinct organelles with specific cellular functions. In mammals, the rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and the Golgi apparatus are two key organelles of the secretory pathway

When inhibition means activation: towards the disclosure of the role of PKCδ in cell demise

Gliomas are highly invasive tumor cells which synthesize numbers of proteins/enzymes performing different functions. Some of these enzymes affect the cells survival, proliferation and migration, the others force the cells to commit suicide known under the term

Nuclear membrane diversity

Although it is obvious that every tissue in our bodies is different, the vast majority of scientific research is done on a small number of cancer cell lines studying individual cells grown in dishes — for example