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Pubic hair grooming and public health. A key role for the doctor in counselling his patients?

We think there’s a role of counselling for health practitioners related to the practice of hair grooming. Despite the lack of controlled studies, it could be dangerous to deny the possibility of infectious risks related with this

Hair fibres may turn into micro-tubes

The proteins fulfil their functions over certain ranges of pH, pressure, temperature. Focusing on the temperature, the permitted window is not very large; most of proteins become inactive (denature, therefore lose their function) below 100 °C and

Myotis daubentonii can serve as an integrative bioindicator for changes in metal exposure

Many bats species are worldwide endangered due to loss of habitats (e.g., deforestation), new diseases (e.g., White Nose Syndrome) and pollutants in the environment (e.g., pesticides). Beside pesticides like DDT or Lindane metals are one of the

Hair analysis as a novel method for the non-destructive and non-invasive monitoring of metal exposure in bats

As a result of human activities, many wild organisms are exposed to increased concentrations of metals in their environment. Urbanized areas are typically more polluted than remote areas due to enhanced emissions of metals mainly by traffic

Quorum sensing concept shed new lights on the collective regenerative behavior through study of hair plucking

Scientists know injuries sometime induce regeneration sometime not. Scientists search for factors that can promote regeneration. Usually, regeneration process is studied by analyzing the regenerative behavior of one organ unit. However, this may not be sufficient to