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Oxidative stress sensitivity of cancer cells could be altered by plasma membrane status

Oxidative stress is defined as “A status that the balance between the oxidation reaction and the antioxidant reaction is lost in our body, and that the oxidation state is dominant.” Oxidative stress is generally adverse for our

High-level incorporation of silver in gold nanoclusters for detecting hydrogen peroxide and herbicide

Recent advances in synthesizing noble metal nanoclusters (NCs), in particular Au and Ag NCs, offer a promising class of fluorescent probes for constructing optical sensors, which are expected to improve their features in terms of simplicity, photostability

How can cancer cells use hydrogen peroxide to strive?

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a well-known antiseptic used in our homes since the 1920s. But did you know that our cells produce this molecule and that at low concentrations H2O2 instructs our cells to do different things,