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How healthy the Indian leopards are?

Carnivores face a continuous threat for their survival from pathogens, indirectly resulting from anthropogenic factors such as human population expansion, habitat loss or its alteration and climate change leading to their endangerment in the wild. These effects

Are Indian adolescents moving towards an unhealthy future?

Over the last decade, adolescent obesity has emerged as a major public health challenge in India. It is recognised as a potential risk factor for a number of non-communicable diseases including heart disease, pulmonary disease, type 2

Hiding under sea bed: a new species of sand crab Jonas kalpakkamensis is discovered

The common edible crabs which we often encounter in land, sea and freshwater bodies mostly belong to a group classified as brachyuran crabs. They constitute a third of the commercial value of Indian seafood. There are about

Alcohol problems in India

Despite low prevalence of alcohol use in India, alcohol use disorders are prevalent and persistent among men in Goa, India.  The finding is reported in a study conducted by the Sangath Institute (India) in partnership with the

Explore care seeking behavior of older adults with hip fracture in Odisha, India

Hip fractures commonly occur in adults over 50 years mostly due to simple falls. Rough estimates suggest 600,000 adults suffer hip fracture injury annually in India. It is expected to rise in coming years as the population

Comparing type 2 diabetes in Asian Indians in India and in the United States

While members of all ethnic groups are at risk for type 2 diabetes, the risk in people of Asian Indian decent seems to be especially high.  This is of critical importance because the Asian Indian population is