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Ingredient in hops to treat learning and memory impairments and metabolic changes associated with a high-fat diet

the Memory Island program

Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. MetS is associated with enhanced risk to develop age-related cognitive impairments and and dementia. Diets high in saturated fat induce inflammation that contributes

A new dimension to molecular mechanisms underlying learning

Neurons are the excitable cells responsible for processing and transmitting information in the nervous system. A neuron typically extends a long thin axon to transmit information to target cells and several shorter dendrites that receive input from

Looking ahead: What are the lessons for education in Microbiology and beyond?

Higher Education has seen many changes, always faces new challenges, and educational approaches have to adapt in response and proactively. Issues such antibiotic resistance and food security emphasise the need to prepare for future skills demands of

We learn and forget to correct our expectations

Learning and forgetting are, to a large extent, about tuning your expectations so that they match your experience. So while it is usually good to learn new things, we sometimes also need to forget things. We constantly

Theta burst like stimulations lead to formation of BDNF dependent memory traces

Creating and storing memory traces in our brains is essential for learning, logical thinking, creativity, and for being able to recall persons, events, and facts throughout life. Memory traces are created by joint electrical activity in nerve

A novel perspective on schizophrenic-like symptoms

One of the key questions in neuroscience involves understanding how the brain processes cognitive functions – like learning new information, making adaptive decisions, and engaging in social interactions with others. We know that these activities occur across