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How to Live With Sickle Cell Disease

Although a diagnosis of sickle cell anemia might be devastating, patients can still live an entirely normal life with the proper care. Patients can live comfortably through treatment and lifestyle changes. Although sickle cell, like other monogenic

The efficacy of L-Mesitran Medical Grade Honey for wound care in rhinos was supported by a prospective case series

South Africa is home to some of the world’s most endangered wildlife, with the White rhinoceros (Cerathotherium simum) among its most threatened species due to its highly sought-after horn. The number of poached rhinos is dropping over

List of the schools you may get medical assistance education

Planning on becoming a medical assistant? There are plenty of schools for you to choose from. You can complete a medical assistant course within 2 years at minimum (3 if you choose to earn additional qualifications) but

Cuba responds to Ebola

The first known case of Ebola virus disease appeared in the West African country of Guinea In December 2013. By September of 2014, over 1900 deaths from Ebola had been reported in the region. The United Nations

Research from animal learning studies may help the elderly to follow medical recommendations

Adherence to treatment is how clinicians refer to the degree to which patients follow medical recommendations, and it is fundamental to improving health and quality of life. Lack of adherence to treatment may have dramatic consequences not

The first medical school in America

The founders of first American medical school in Philadelphia, John Morgan and William Shippen, Jr, had received a fine medical education at the University of Edinburgh. As students, they discussed the need for such training in the