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Can bacteria resist a new antibacterial method?

Antibiotic resistance in bacteria is on the rise worldwide, making some previously-treatable infections incurable or even life-threatening. Thus there is a growing need for the discovery and development of new antibacterial methods of disinfection. Ideally these methods

Inhibitors of gastric acid secretion and gastric cancer

The highly acidic gastric juice is an efficient killer of swallowed microorganisms. This is an important function which is reflected in the tight regulation of gastric acidity involving both nerves and hormones (blood born messengers). The most

Conservation of biological resources, Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites

The conservation of biological resources is an essential factor for all biological research, and is the first function of a Biological Resource Centre. For parasites, this conservation remains difficult due to the structural complexity of the microorganisms.

How do microorganisms survive in extreme conditions?

You may have taught how extreme regions like glaciers, mountains, and deep oceans are habitats for many organisms including bacteria, archaea, algae, and yeasts as well as glaciers ice worms, plants and animals. These organisms survive in

Modulation of immunity and gut microbiota

Animal bodies have many bacterial cells and a large part of them live in our digestive system. The relationship of gut bacteria to many aspects of wellness and health including immunity it is known. Regrettably, the current diet is