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Mind-wandering plus mindfulness: say ‘no’ to negative mood or depression

Mind wandering and its equivalent concepts such as self-generated thought, stimulus independent thought, task-unrelated thought, and spontaneous thought refer to a mental phenomenon that occupies considerable time in everyday life. The high frequency of the occurrence of

Mindless monitoring: When does attention help or hurt our emotional health

When it comes to anxiety and depression, a long-standing assumption is that there is something off about one’s ability to effectively focus and attend to present moment situations. Prominent theories in clinical psychology propose that anxiety causes

ADHD treatment: Does mindfulness matter?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common disorders of childhood. A significant number of individuals diagnosed with ADHD will continue to experience significant impairment into adolescence and early adulthood. Symptoms of ADHD include developmentally inappropriate

Personalising meditation with the help of brain research

Therapeutical approach such as meditation (an ancient mind–body practice) that specifically targets stress and associated with it risk factors through regulation of self-related processes may hold potential for lessening the burden of chronic diseases, slowing and possibly

Are mindfulness apps good enough?

My mind tricks me. I either ruminate about the things I always wanted to do but never did or worry about something that’s yet to happen. I’m lost in meaningless thoughts, empowering them, ignoring the present moment.