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Continuous fabrication of polymeric vesicles and nanotubes with fluidic channels

Wilson and coworkers reported a fluidic channel based strategy for fabricating different shaped polymeric vesicles. The formation of polymeric vesicles is based on the self-assembly of amphiphilic block polymer, which constitutes of a hydrophobic segment and a

Clay nanotubes loaded with Sr(II) could help in designing composite scaffolds for bone regeneration

The treatment of age-related diseases is a high-priority issue in modern western societies, mainly because of the progressive ageing of the population and the increase in life expectancy. Osteoporosis, literally “porous bone”, is a condition in which

Efficient tuning of carbon surface: Defect-enriched CNT

To face energy and environmental issues, the importance towards development of novel catalytic materials with clean and highly efficient feature is self-evident, since the catalysis is the cornerstone for chemical industries. The development of low-cost sustainable catalysts

Interaction of boron nitride nanotubes with living cells

Over the past decade, nanomaterials gained significant interest in medical and biomedical research due to their unique properties such as optical, magnetic, electronic and mechanical. These unusual properties make them particularly attractive for their investigation in biomedical