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Orexin signaling promotes initial alcohol consumption

AoS. Orexin signaling promotes initial alcohol consumption

Orexins (orexin-A, orx-A and orexin-B, orx-B) are neuropeptides expressed exclusively in hypothalamic neurons of the lateral hypothalamus and perifornical area. They mediate their effects through activation of two G-protein coupled receptors, the orexin-1-receptor (Orx1R) and orexin-2-receptor (Orx2R).

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor is a miracle fertilizer for our brain?

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is sometimes called “miracle grow for the brain” because several studies have reported that BDNF “nourishes neurons like fertilizer.” It is well-known that BDNF protects brain cells and stimulates growth of their dendrites

Do the different actions required to gain a palatable food make a difference in the activation of the brain?

The motivated behaviour that underlies the food intake is a complex process mediated by various neural circuits. One of these is the mesolimbic system that employs the dopamine (DA) as neurotransmitter. In particular, in the responsiveness to