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How can we tuned magnetic response of a composite particles to an applied field

Composite particles contain two or more components and therefore they could have several advantages over single component particles, as multifuntionality, novel functions or enhanced properties. Their properties are induced by interactions between the constituents and depend not

Are identical quantum twins distinguishable?

Entanglement in ordinary and no-label approaches

For twins, the identity is a “yes” or “not” intrinsic property: they can be identical (monozygous) or non-identical (heterozygous). Classical identical twins can always be distinguished (at least by their mother!). In fact, it is always possible

A potential radiotracer for imaging the lungs

Routine patient lung scans in the nuclear medicine department have for decades, employed a radioactive technetium-99m-aggregated-albumin particle injection dose, in conjunction with a ventilation dose of Tc-99m-aerosol in tandem. The lung scans are usually requested for patients

Dispersion of particle emissions from quarries in complex terrain

Quarrying and surface mining operations are area sources of dust (suspended particles) that may cause considerable air pollution. Such sources, by their nature, are characterized by lack of detailed information about the location of the mobile mining

Assessment of the influence of traffic-related particles in dust

Dust particles present in our daily lives consist of a mixture of materials from different sources, such as soils, traffic-related particles, pavement particles, etc. Due to their low particle size, dust particles can be easily re-suspended and

PM2.5 pollution and respiratory diseases in Beijing

In this research, PM2.5 was monitored from the year 2007 to 2012, and the hospital data about respiratory diseases during the same period was gathered and calculated. Then the correlation between respiratory health and fine particles was