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Tumors of the pituitary and headache: Will it get better after surgery?

Headaches belong to the most common neurological common disorders, with many patterns of presentation, ranging from acute to chronic. Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that half of the world’s population suffers from headache at least

Characterization of the cell surface receptor GPR101: a molecular biology detective work

What did we know about GPR101 until a couple of years ago? Very little. The human gene was discovered in 2001, found to be located on chromosome X, and predicted to encode a seven-transmembrane receptor. In the

Sexual dimorphism in pituitary prolactin tumors

The pituitary is located in the middle of the skull base, under the brain. This gland weight less than 1 g but its five cell types control growth, lactation and hormonal production by the thyroid, adrenals and