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How to predict how medical student will do on future high stakes exams?

It is widely assumed by many admissions councilors and by the general public that performance on previous college and standardized exams, both of which weigh heavily toward requirements for entry to medical school, highly predicts future performance

To remediate or to not remediate?

Pollution of coastal areas in marine and freshwater ecosystems is a direct consequence of the anthropogenic pressure on these areas. In addition, pollutants that are originated afar do enter aquatic ecosystems through a variety of processes, including

Myotis daubentonii can serve as an integrative bioindicator for changes in metal exposure

Many bats species are worldwide endangered due to loss of habitats (e.g., deforestation), new diseases (e.g., White Nose Syndrome) and pollutants in the environment (e.g., pesticides). Beside pesticides like DDT or Lindane metals are one of the