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Supportive relationships in children and adolescents facing political violence and mass disasters

AoS. Supportive Relationships in Children and Adolescents Facing Political Violence and Mass Disasters

In the context of mass trauma events such as political violence and natural disasters, children and adolescents are inherently more vulnerable to maladjustment and psychopathology than adults. Despite this, many adolescents tend to survive, even thrive, suggesting

Why do some people cope well but others don’t? Resilience and vision impairment in older people

Some people fare better than others when faced with adversity; they appear to be more ‘resilient’. There are around two million people with a vision impairment in the UK, the majority of whom are aged over 60.

Loneliness matters for people with psychotic disorders

When you ask people with a psychotic disorder, like schizophrenia, what challenges them most in daily life they are likely to say – ‘loneliness’. As nearly everyone can attest, loneliness is painful. It’s the distressing feeling that

The nostalgic brain gives you the power to live

We are all familiar with feelings of nostalgia that we all experience often. Nostalgia reminds us of better times and helps us feel less lonely when we are facing adversities. It also helps us identify positive aspects