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Females with anorexia nervosa in Singapore

Pressure to be thin can be exerted by various sources both external and internal. Sociocultural pressures include the showcase of gracile models and advertisements for diet products and slimming programmes in magazines and on television, criticisms about

Dementia and successful ageing after 100: An international consortium

Up until recently, centenarians and near-centenarians (i.e. 95 years and above) were considered outliers – few and far between – who had somehow beaten the odds and survived to the very limit of the human lifespan. According

Risk factors of hypertension amongst adults in rural areas of South Africa

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is now the leading cause of death worldwide, and its major impact is not only observed in developed countries but also in developing countries. In 2008, CVD caused 30% of all global deaths, of

Glaucoma: are people still going blind?

We have seen large advances in preventing, slowing down and reversing vision loss for patients with many eye diseases. Despite these advances, many people with eye disease end up losing their vision.  What is the difference between