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Small waterbodies as indicators of elemental pollution in urban sediments

The impact of urbanization and industrialization on sediment quality of large rivers and lakes have been widely studied globally, however, small waterbodies, such as ponds and canals, are rarely studied collectively. Ponds and canals that form a

Mangrove propagule size and oil contamination effects: does size matter?

Mangroves thrive in sheltered locations of intertidal zones of tropical and subtropical regions and are highly vulnerable to oil spills. Oil penetrates the soft mangrove sediments and coats aerial breathing roots. This leads to oxygen deficiency, suffocation,

Dongting Lake contaminated sediment: an unignorable pollution issue but can be tackled by the ubiquitous zeolite

Dongting Lake is one of the biggest natural water resources in South China. Due to developed economy in the adjacent area, the river has suffered from high loads of untreated wastewater which contains high amounts of heavy

Salt marsh restoration reduces mercury methylation

In this paper we describe analysis of mercury in sediment cores collected from an area of land behind a dyke one year before, and one year after, it was intentionally breached as part of a managed retreat