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Spectroscopy of biophotons radiated from a fingertip

What color of light beams are emitting from your fingertips? That is neither a fantasy nor an occult question. If you possessed eyes of extremely high-sensitivity or had a special CCD camera like one used for a

Substituent-dependent reaction in mechanofluorochromism

Fluorescence switching in response to external stimuli, namely mechanofluorochromism, is highly interesting as this phenomenon can potentially be exploited for sensor, memory, and security ink applications, etc. These responses generally depend on structure alteration upon a mechanical

Photomultiplication type polymer photodetectors with broad spectral response range from UV light to NIR

Polymer photodetectors (PPDs) have attracted more and more attention due to the low cost, flexible and environment friendly and lighter weight compared to their inorganic counterpart. Up to now, most of the reported PPDs are photodiode type

Epilepsy spectrum disorders

Symptoms of mental illness (like depression or hallucinations) tend to change slowly overtime (with or without treatment). At time individuals may experience episodic symptoms like sudden and brief panic attacks or sudden and brief violent episodes. While