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Starch fatty acid esters – versatile bio-based thermoplastics

The biopolymer starch is well-known in the kitchen for baking, cooking, and as a component of flour and is available in large quantities. This makes starch interesting as sustainable resource to convert it into biodegradable products to

What drives the syneresis of lacto-fermented sodium caseinate?

Fermented dairy products have a great nutritional value and health beneficial effect on host gut micro-biome, due to their probiotics bacteria. Syneresis is considered as a major defect in these acid-induced gels products, which is a major

Biodegradable Starch based films with application as alternative packaging

Currently, the largest part of materials used in packaging industries are produced from fossil fuels and are practically non-degradable. These persistent polymers are a significant source of environmental pollution and accumulation of waste, harming wildlife when they are