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Look after your compost—it’s more than garden fertiliser

Biologists look upon a pile of compost first of all as an extraordinary habitat of a wide range of different organisms: a microcosm of its own within the garden landscape. Gardeners in Europe are proud of “their”

Ban of asbestos has saved lives

Banning of the use of asbestos in Sweden has two components. In the mid-1970s the use was restricted through an agreement between unions and employers in the construction industry and there was also a voluntary restriction in

Cancer risk in opposite-sex and same-sex twins

Twin pregnancies are characterized by simultaneous development of two fetuses that share the womb. An interest in opposite-sex (OS) twins, twin pairs consisting of one male and one female, comes from animal studies that showed that exposure

Good long-term employment outcomes after epilepsy surgery in Sweden

Epilepsy is one of the most common chronic neurologic disorders and affects all domains of life. About one third of people with epilepsy still have seizures despite antiepileptic drug treatment. Drug resistant epilepsy strongly impairs quality of